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Products and Prices

Have you tried soap made with the rich and creamy milk from Jersey Cows? If not, you're in for a treat! We've been making soap for over 10 years now and have developed our own recipe that we believe balances out cleaning with moisturizing while also producing a wonderfully rich lather. Give it a try!


Fiber, Roving and Yarns:

Our Alpacas provide us with beautifully soft fiber, rovings and yarn. Please call or contact us for current availability as to colors and quantities. UPDATE: We've loaded pictures of our rovings!! Check out the Roving page.

Product Price 
 Alpaca Raw Fiber $2.00/oz.            
 Merino Raw Wool - White $7.00/lb.
 Merino Raw Wool - Colored $10.00/lb.
 Alpaca Roving $3.60/oz.
 Alpaca/Merino Roving $3.30/oz.
 Merino Batts - White $2.00/oz.
 Merino Sock Yarn - 10% Nylon $2.75/oz.
 Alpaca Yarn - 100% $3.75/oz.
 Alpaca/Merino Blend Yarn 66/33 $3.50/oz.
 Merino Yarn - 100% $2.75/oz.

Honey , Soap and Other Farm Products:

We're currently sold out of honey. Hopefully the hives will survive winter and will be packing in the nectar again when the dandilions bloom. Our 2017 goal is to have 8 hives.


   Pint  $    12.00
   Quart  $  20.00
   5 Gallon Pail  Sold Out
 Raspberries:  Not in season
 Rubarb:  Call
 Apples:  Out


SOAPS: You've got to try our soap! This soap is made from the milk of our Jersey Cows. Lush with lather and very mild on your skin. We sell them at farmer markets for $5 a bar, but offer a farm discount when you come here to purchase, $4 a bar. Soap scents vary depending on my whim, so please call for availability.